Justin Bieber Doesn't 'Limit' Himself When It Comes To Love

'Whoever I fall in love with, you can be anybody,' he tells MTV News.

While Justin Bieber hasn't been shy about his crush on Beyoncé, when it comes to falling in love, he said he doesn't need to date a celebrity. When he meets the right girl, he'll know it.

"Whoever I fall in love with, you can be anybody," Bieber told MTV News. "I don't limit myself."

Just because Bieber has a packed schedule doesn't mean he can't make time for love. "It would just depend," he said. "I think right now, I'm really busy, but anything can happen. I mean, I wouldn't mind it."

So does Bieber have a dream girl? Actually, he has three: "If I can pick any girl ... I'm gonna take Meagan Good. I'm gonna take Kim Kardashian. And Beyoncé."

But Bieber's first love is his fans. "They make me a trending topic on Twitter every day," the pop star marveled of his devoted fanbase. "It's pretty incredible. My fans have made me a trending topic every day. I don't think there's been a day in the past month that I haven't. So it's pretty incredible.

"I love Twitter," Bieber added. He finds tweeting the perfect way to share his comings and goings and to communicate directly with a few lucky girls whenever possible. "For sure I use it for being able to interact with my fans as well as promote stuff."

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