Donnis Premieres 'Gone' Video Featuring Just Blaze And Estelle

Kidz in the Hall's Double-O is also in the clip, which Donnis says is 'not the traditional hip-hop video.'

It's not quite freshman hazing, but when upstart MC Donnis is joined at a party by the likes of [artist id="1551525"]Just Blaze[/artist], [artist id="1916698"]Estelle[/artist] and [artist id="2458049"]Kidz in the Hall[/artist]'s Double-O for his debut video for "Gone," things get out of hand fast. The trio livened things up so much that a groggy Donnis wakes up in the clip (presumably the next morning) and tries to remember what happened the night before through a series of "Memento"-like flashbacks.

"The video is basically a party gone backwards," the rapper explained on [video id="503047"]the set of the BBGun-directed project[/video]. "People haven't seen that in a long time. It has a lot of twists to it. It's not the traditional hip-hop video. We tried to do things a traditional hip-hop video wouldn't do. The club [scene] is a little bit in the vein of hip-hop, but the house party is very different from what you usually see."

In the opening scenes of the video, Donnis is seen picking up his tie from the previous night and reaching for his sunglasses, which are damaged. As he's walking across the bedroom floor, flashes of last night's proceedings appear onscreen: a female friend writing her phone number on his hand, the rapper bumping into a club-goer and Donnis' face through a peephole as he's knocking on an apartment door.

As the music cues and he attempts to catch a cab back home, a clock pops up onscreen running backward, and Donnis begins reaching for the previous night's memories. The bump caused his glasses to break. The girl's apartment he just left was in the cab with him and another female the night before, who were, uh, just as friendly with each other as they were with him.

The video is a montage of different club scenes that help to explain Donnis' night before the end of the clip, when Just Blaze does his best Dame Dash impersonation by pouring champagne everywhere and then Estelle opens the door to welcome the rapper to her house party.

The track "Gone," released by A-Trak's Fool's Gold Records, was produced by Needlz and appears on Donnis' mixtape, last year's Diary of an ATL Brave, and also on his upcoming mixtape Fashionably Late.

Donnis is featured in the April issue of XXL as a part of the Freshmen 10 class and is working on his Atlantic Records debut, Past Visions of the Future.

What do you think about Donnis' "Gone" video? Do you agree with him that it's not a traditional hip-hop video? Let us know in the comments!