'Glee' Stars Say New Season Is 'Different Than What You Expect'

'It's like 'Glee' 3.0,' Dijon Talton says.

"Glee" is returning to television sets on Tuesday (April 13) with promises of tributes to Madonna and Lady Gaga lined up for this season. And the "Glee" club promised us that when fans tune into the show for this new crop of episodes, anything is possible — there will be lots of hot hook-ups and tons of interesting and unexpected musical numbers.

"Everybody's relationships when we come back are just really different," Dianna Agron said of the characters' love lives. "Different than what you expect."

Co-star Heather Morris added that there will be some shake-ups in the worlds of love and friendship on the show. "We create relationships ... [There are] a lot more relationships," she said. "We start to like a lot more people. I can say that."

And while this season the show will pay homage to both Lady Gaga and Madonna, Mark Salling admitted he had a favorite, telling MTV News he really loved the way one Madonna classic turned out. "We did 'Like a Prayer' in the Madonna episode," he shared. "It's my favorite number in that episode."

There are a number of guest stars lined up including Neil Patrick Harris, with Jennifer Lopez rumored to stop by this season as well. Dijon Talton summed up the ensuing craziness best: "You're gonna see people you never thought hook up, hook up. Songs you never thought you'd hear, you're gonna hear. Dance moves you never thought you'd see [you'll see]. It's like 'Glee' 3.0."

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