Justin Bieber Would Love To Cast Megan Fox For Next Video

'That would be awesome,' Bieber says of 'Transformers' star.

Justin Bieber has already released several memorable videos from his My World 2.0 album. He's gone bowling with Drake and Ludacris in his "Baby" music video. Fallen in love in the Bahamas for "Never Let You Go." And, he's even thrown one killer pool party with Sean Kingston for his "Eenie Meenie" video. So what does Bieber have planned for his next big single? He's still working out the specifics.

"I think it's gonna be 'Somebody to Love,' " Bieber told MTV News on Sunday in an exclusive sit-down just 12 hours after he appeared on "Saturday Night Live," noting that he's not the main person who handles video decisions. "I don't know. I mean, the label going to decide and [manager] Scooter [Braun], but I don't really know," he explained. "It could be 'U Smile' [or 'Somebody to Love'] or anything."

However, Bieber is pulling for "Somebody to Love." The tune — not to be confused with the Leighton Meester, Queen or Jefferson Airplane songs of the same name — is a dance track in which he professes his love for a girl and tells her he'd do anything for her. "It's basically about somebody to love," he laughed. "It's cool. It's young. It's nice. I think it's like a universal record."

Bieber said that a concept for the song's video hasn't been pinned down yet — nor has a co-star. And with several adorable girls already starring in his videos, when Megan Fox was suggested, he said, "That would be great. That would be awesome, but I don't know if that would be possible. ... I don't know yet."

MTV News will be rolling out highlights from our exclusive sit-down with Justin Bieber all week!

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