'Sex And The City 2' Trailer Warns Of Carrie's Trouble In Abu Dhabi

The second trailer for the May 27 release shows Carrie meeting former flame Aidan abroad.

We're getting closer. On May 27, the ladies of "Sex and the City" will be back for more cocktails, wilder outfits and small existential crises in the hotly anticipated sequel to the first "SATC" blockbuster. The movie's second trailer, which premiered online on Friday (April 9), gives a few more hints about what those crises are.

While New York City is still the fifth BFF in the flick, the trailer is chock-full of cameos (Liza Minnelli at Stanford's wedding, Miley Cyrus chilling with Samantha at a movie premiere, Penélope Cruz chatting up Mr. Big). And it wouldn't be "SATC" without Carrie's infamous voice-overs. It opens with Jay-Z and Alicia Key's "Empire State of Mind" playing in the background as Carrie tells the audience, "In two years, amazing things can happen."

Two years after their last adventures, it looks like Miranda is excelling at being a mom, but Charlotte, who wanted to be one for so long, is struggling. Samantha is dealing with aging with the help of several pills. "As for me and Big," Carrie says, "we're somewhere between wild sex and a baby."

Shots of a glimmering New York soon make way for a completely different setting, after Carrie poses the question: "What happens when you say 'I do'?" Apparently if you're the "SATC" crew, you run off on an exotic vacation to Abu Dhabi. That's where Carrie ironically finds herself face to face with her past and a life that could have been when she runs into her former flame and fiancé, Aidan (John Corbett).

The trailer will leave fans asking one major question: Will Carrie have an affair with Aidan? "I think you're playing with fire," Charlotte warns her.

Of course, the movie isn't just about the guys and the fabulous clothes, but also the friendship between these four women. It's like Samantha says, "We're soul mates."

Do you think Carrie and Aidan will fall in love all over again? Tell us in the comments!

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