M.I.A.'s Lady Gaga Comments Stir Mixed Reactions From Fans

'She sings about riding disco sticks and gets called a genius for it,' one fan wrote in agreement with M.I.A.

[artist id="1803648"]M.I.A.[/artist] has opened quite a can of worms for herself. After taking a few shots at [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] in an NME interview, calling Gaga "a good mimic" and "not progressive," fans of both ladies are speaking out for and against the rapper's comments.

"M.I.A. is not even on the same level as GaGa. She only got her 15 seconds of fame because 'Pineapple Express' put her song into the trailer. Did anyone give a damn about her before? Nope," Gabriel wrote. "I respect Lady GaGa a lot more because she worked her way towards where she is. She's innovative and she's a talented entertainer and song writer. Have I seen any of those qualities in M.I.A.? Not at all. She's just trying to get back into the spotlight, but I doubt anybody will care."

Theboogieman631 noted that regardless of their artistic integrities, comparing the two artists is like comparing apples and oranges. "I don't see how anyone can compare the [two]. Their music doesn't sound remotely the same," he wrote. "They're both on different ends of the spectrum."

Victor defended M.I.A.'s comments, noting that the rapper "is just being honest people and she's not jealous. Gaga is a mimic nothing more nothing less, she sings about riding disco sticks and gets called a genius for it," Victor continued. "Her videos rival the advertisements during the Superbowl ... Everything she does is a rip off of either Grace Jones, Madonna, Rosin Murphy, Björk, Cyndi Lauper, David Bowie, etc. M.I.A. is only saying what most of us intelligent music lovers already know. Gaga is an overrated mimic."

Night Train added, "I do agree Lady Gaga is talented but she is overrated. ... People out here considering her already greatest artists of all time that's such a joke."

Bxjam found humor in M.I.A.'s comments. "There's an air of jealousy in these comments by M.I.A.," Bxjam said. "That sh-- about the naked men feeding her apples was funny, though."

XD Jams noted that regardless of Gaga's abilities as an artist, she has never used her fame as a platform to berate artists, writing, "I think it's stupid to put down others. I've never heard Gaga bash another artist. M.I.A is in fact (missing.in.action) ... she's a one hit wonder artist ... she needs to get over it fly away on a paper plane <3 LADY GAGA."

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