'Jersey Shore': Top Moments At The House

From hot-tub hookups to girl fights, we run down the best moments from last season at the shore.

This week, Snooki, the Situation and the rest of the [url id="http://www.mtv.com/shows/jersey_shore/series.jhtml"]"Jersey Shore"[/url] crew started shooting the second season of their hit MTV reality show in Miami. But after this vacation in the Florida sun, the series will be heading back to its Jersey roots to finish off season two.

Which means we'll be seeing more of Seaside Heights' boardwalk, bars and beaches. The cast will also be sleeping off their late nights in the very same house from season one. With a return to the familiar digs in mind, let's take a look back at some of our favorite house moments from the inaugural season of the "Shore."

The Blocked Hot-Tub Hook-Up

The season got off to a heated start when Pauly D, Vinny and the Situation brought some ladies back to the house's rooftop hot tub. Beers were swilled, clothes were removed and housemate Angelina declared with disgust, "I didn't think they were going to be those typical Jersey whore guys."

As the panties went flying, tempers flared. JWoww yelled at the hot tub-hoppers, "Close the door — with you behind it!"

Not cool, argued the guys. "Let us do our thing," Pauly pleaded. "We're trying to party. You girls don't want to party with us, so we're going to bring girls to party. This is the summer!"

[url id="http://www.mtv.com/photos/jersey-shore-episode-5-flipbook/1628959/4491505/photo.jhtml"]Vinny's Family Feast[/url]

In the midst of all the cast's trips to the gym, the tanning salon and the Laundromat, we did get a peek into the culturally rich family life of some of the housemates. No one's relatives were more memorable than Vinny's clan, led by his instantly loveable Italian mother.

"My son looks skinny," she said, as everyone unpacked four trays of ziti, plus tomato sauce, veggies, salad, breadsticks, cold cuts and cheese.

"That's like a true Italian woman," Snooki said. "You want to please everyone else at the table and then when everyone's done, you clean up and you eat by yourself."

[url id="http://www.mtv.com/photos/jersey-shore-ep-8-flipbook/1629781/4522146/photo.jhtml"]Pauly's Stalker[/url]

Here's the setup: Pauly met a girl at bar who he liked — until she kept showing up while he was hanging on the boardwalk with some other girls. Cue the greatest phone conversation of the entire season. Let's pick up the action halfway through ...

"It's my turn to talk. It's my turn to talk," Pauly told her. "You stalked my whole entire life, right, and I don't like that. I do nothing wrong and you — I'm talking now! — you know how I felt about you. You just have no trust whatsoever. So you thought I was creeping with those chicks, which I wasn't. I went on one ride — God bless me, it's f---ing summer! Yes, I was upstairs on the balcony with three chicks — and three dudes. Did I do anything? No! All we did is have a conversation. That's it. All those girls have boyfriends. If you weren't such a f---ing stalker, I would have called you when I got home. Instead — yes you are, it's crazy, I can't deal with that. You don't want to look stupid? Don't you think that makes you look stupid? You're like, 'I'm not calling you.' You called, like, a hundred times. How many times did you call? We took the phone off the hook last night. All I wanted to do is call you when I got home so we could hang out. You wouldn't let that happen. You were so worried about how you're gonna look because people see me walking with three girls that, 'Oh my god, blah blah, I don't want to look stupid.' Well, now look how stupid you look."

Snooki and the Duck Phone

Speaking of telephones, the quacking wooden duck phone gave everyone in the house a hard time. But Snooki seemed to be particularly perplexed by it, starting with her very first encounter with the ceaselessly ringing thing.

"What the f--- is that thing quacking? That's really weird," she wondered aloud, struggling to dial, hang up, deal with call waiting and otherwise communicate with the outside world.

In the end, all she wanted to know was, "What the f--- kind of person gets a duck phone to talk on?"

One of life's enduring mysteries, Snickers.

The Girl Fight

Of all the cast's scuffles, the Snooki-vs.-three-other-girls throwdown was easily the wildest. It all went down when the Situation decide to invite one girl back to the house. The entire cast got a little bit more than they expected when three girls showed up. Snooki was sent in to turn the unwanted ladies away, then insults were exchanged and suddenly the girls were in the midst of a hair-pulling, punch-throwing scrum.

The takeaway? Leave it to Pauly D to lay down some knowledge. "I learned a long time ago, being a wingman for the Situation is not a good idea," he said.

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