'Date Night' Stars Tina Fey And Steve Carell Discuss Dance Moves

'She can move it, she can shake it,' Carell says of co-star Fey.

From "Get Smart" to "The 40 Year Old Virgin" to "Little Miss Sunshine," it sometimes seems like every Steve Carell movie needs to have a scene involving music and/or dancing. This weekend, the funnyman's new flick "Date Night" hits theaters everywhere, and once again he's brought his dancing shoes to balance his comedic chops.

"That seems to be the case," Carell grinned when we asked him about his unlikely legacy on the dance floor. "It just happens; I don't plan it."

"Sometimes," teased his co-star, "30 Rock" mastermind Tina Fey, "you're flat-out asked not to do it."

Now, Carell and Fey are combining their moves for the new film about a boring married couple whose lives take a turn for the adventurous after a case of mistaken identity. And one of the most memorable moments involves them shaking their happy feet in a key scene that has them doing a sexy robot dance in order to get close to a corrupt politician.

"I just start moving and the camera follows. What is a person to do?" Carell said of such dance scenes. "You just have to film it.

"This one, she can really dance though," he added, pointing to Fey. "She had to tone her natural proclivity down a little bit. She can move it; she can shake it."

"My outfit in that scene is almost like being strapped to [a board]; it's almost like being water-boarded," Fey explained of her tight dress. "I don't want to minimize the suffering of people who have been water-boarded, but I could only kind of [move my pelvis]. It was like back-injury theater, because I couldn't bend my spine at all, so I had to work with what I had."

"But see that as an acting exercise, it's a great thing," Carell urged his co-star. "Because when you limit yourself and you can only use certain parts of your body, you explore [what you can do]."

"Yeah, with my hand, I'm doing something," Fey said, demonstrating how she danced with her wrists. "That's some interesting hand work."

"It's all from [the waist down] and with her hands," Carell explained. "But what she finds with those two parts of her body is fantastic."

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