3OH!3 Discuss 'Leaked' Track 'House Party'

'That's a fun song,' Nathaniel Motte says.

Those [artist id="3068464"]3OH!3[/artist] guys have never really been ones for subtlety. Last week, when MTV News visited them in the studio where they were putting the finishing touches on their Streets of Gold album, it seems they were planning to "accidentally" leak a sneak peek of the album a few days later — and they weren't exactly trying to hide that fact.

Oh, and the leak in question was a song called "House Party," which is — you guessed it — about throwing a totally awesome house party.

"There may or may not be a leaked song that we accidentally slip out there on the Internet, with maybe a video, and it might be something about a house party," 3OH!3's Nathaniel Motte smiled. "It's gonna be called 'House Party,' and someone might steal it off my computer and put it online pretty soon."

"Yeah, It might be me," Motte's cohort Sean Foreman laughed.

Lo and behold, a few days later, "House Party" appeared online. And, much like Motte and Foreman had promised, the song is basically one long ode to getting totally wasted within the confines of your own home (sample line: "I'm gonna have a house party in my house/ I'm gonna pour booze down my mouth"). What can we say — 3OH!3 are straightforward dudes.

"That's a fun song. We were talking about it the other day and we're really excited because all the songs we've written thus far — and we're getting close to the end — are things that we're really excited about," Motte said. "And they're all things we hope to get out there, whether they're on a CD or whether we release them in another way, we're excited about all of them."

But while "House Party" can pretty much be taken at face value, it's only representative of half of what the dynamic duo have done on Streets of Gold, due in June. By their own accounts, there's an entirely different side to the band and their music, one that gets equal love on the album too.

"I think we stretched. As much diversity as there was on the last album, we just pulled that and stretched it further," Foreman said. "You get stuff on either end of the spectrum — like 'House Party' is crazy and has the craziest production, and it's just a fun anthem that you'd want to sing with all your friends. And then there's stuff on the other end of it, where it might be a little bit more singing and stuff like that."

"Slow jams for the ladies," Motte added.

"You always need a slow-dance song in the middle of the party," Foreman laughed. "Make your way to the dance floor, player."

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