Tina Fey Thinks Justin Bieber Can 'Totally' Do A Sketch On 'SNL'

The 'Date Night' star says she's looking forward to working with the pop star this week.

Will [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] get to join in any sketches when he appears as the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" this week? Former "SNL" head writer [movieperson id="299435"]Tina Fey[/movieperson], who is set to host this week, certainly thinks so.

"I met him at the Kids' Choice Awards. He's a nice young man," Fey told MTV News at the New York premiere of her new flick, "Date Night." "And I'm looking forward to hopefully doing a sketch with him."

Bieber has already displayed his comedy chops during his April Fools' Day takeover of Funny Or Die, something that Fey said she'd check out soon. "I'll look that up tonight," she said. "I think he totally can do it."

Of course, Tina Fey fans are probably wondering if the "Date Night" star has any plans to resurrect her Sarah Palin impression for Saturday's show. "It'll for sure be attempted," she said. "And then we'll see if it sticks."

At the Oscars earlier this year, Fey revealed what other big plans she had in store for Bieber on "SNL." "I'm gonna pick him up like this," she said, swinging her arms as if she were holding a baby. "And I'm gonna push those bangs out of his face like this [licks her finger], like a mother."

All joking aside, Fey is looking forward to working with Bieber, because, "I like people who can really sing and I think he can really sing."

Bieber is clearly eager to step onto the stage at 30 Rock. "I'm really excited. I've watched it all my life," he told MTV News in March. "So it's amazing to be able to perform."

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