Steve Carell, Tina Fey Ponder Getting Busy At 'Date Night' Premiere

'It might happen by accident,' Fey jokes about getting to second base with her.

At the "Date Night" premiere in New York City on Tuesday night, the movie about a married couple's wild adventure somehow made us bring up a hot topic of discussion on the red carpet: How does someone round the bases, or at least get to second base, with Steve Carell, Tina Fey and their co-stars?

"Be my husband, or that's it. You have to be my husband. That's the deal," Fey told MTV News. "I guess if someone fell on me in an awkward position, it might happen by accident. ... It's all or nothing with me."

But what is second base for guys, anyway? Carell certainly didn't have any insight. "That's a moot point," he said. "There is no second base. With me? ... Like, what is that? Fondling my earlobe? It doesn't work that way. I don't think women think in terms of the bases. I think they have a much more keen sense of romance and the trueness of love, and guys are just pigs."

While no one could really nail down the definition, Hugh Jackman was willing to give a hint on how to reach his second base. "Second base with Hugh? I'm trying to work how that works for a guy," he pondered. "Um, probably three vodkas will do it."

Common gave some tips on what works for him. "Say some really intelligent things and have some beautiful lips, nice eyes, and it will work," he said, and then weighed in on the definition question. "Well, second base for a man. ... I think it's a way where a guy's like, 'You can stay with me for a little while.' That's second base."

Regardless of what it is or how you do it, "Date Night" director Shawn Levy was ready and willing to go straight to second base on the red carpet. "It's been so long since I've been single, I couldn't even tell you," he said. "But you could probably, I'm thinking, though — I'm wearing a sweater number here, so you can get to second base right now."

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