'Tron Legacy' Producer Talks Next Steps

Long before the second 'Tron' flick's December release, Disney is eyeing its third.

"Tron Legacy" arrives in theaters on December 17, more than eight months from now, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start talking about a sequel. Though most blockbusters open to the public with backroom sequel discussions already well under way, Disney's revelation that a sequel to the 3-D sci-fi adventure is revving up is an unprecedented show of confidence.

"Legacy" scribes Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who are about to wrap up their work on the sixth and final season of "Lost" as writers/ executive producers, have started work on a follow-up to the December release, The Hollywood Reporter's HeatVision blog reveals. The news here isn't that a sequel is in progress, but that the plans for one are being revealed so early.

At press time, Disney had not responded to MTV News' request for confirmation and additional details.

There's no title and no story details to be had yet, as the process is still in its earliest stages. Insiders suggest to THR that Kitsis and Horowitz are tasked with shaping "Legacy" into a planned trilogy as opposed to a spin-off focusing on a different set of characters within the "Tron" universe. "Legacy" is, of course, a sequel to Disney's groundbreaking 1982 sci-fi flick "Tron," directed by Steve Lisberger.

Also unclear is which players might return for the "Legacy" follow-up. THR reports that director Joseph Kosinski and castmembers aren't locked in, but their contracts include options for a sequel. "Tron Legacy" stars Garrett Hedlund, Michael Sheen, Olivia Wilde, Beau Garrett and John Hurt, as well as Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner, who reprise their roles from the original film. It also features the music of Daft Punk.

"Tron Legacy" arrives in theaters just one day shy of a year after 2009 3-D hit "Avatar" was released. Like the James Cameron blockbuster, "Legacy" was filmed entirely in 3-D. Audiences got their first look at the movie's effects just a few weeks ago in the first full trailer, which Kosinski detailed in a shot-by-shot commentary exclusively for MTV News.

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