Kellie Pickler Is Rooting For Ellen DeGeneres On 'American Idol'

'I'm sure she's doing great,' the 'Idol' alum says of the show's newest judge.

NEW YORK — This season, Ellen DeGeneres joined "American Idol" as the fourth judge, replacing Paula Abdul. And while she's still getting her footing on the show alongside veteran "Idol" judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, and even Kara DioGuardi in her second season, former "American Idol" contestant and CMT Awards nominee Kellie Pickler is rooting for DeGeneres as the show's newest star.

"I've not seen the show, but I love Ellen," Pickler gushed to MTV News on Monday night on the Dressed to Kilt red carpet, where she strutted her stuff on the runway alongside Gerard Butler, Joan Jett and Sean Connery. "She's like my favorite person in the world," Pickler said. "I'm sure she's doing great."

Why hasn't Pickler been watching the show that kick-started her career? Well, asked that question a year ago at the same event, Pickler chalked it up to a hectic touring schedule. "I have not been able to watch it religiously, 'cause I'm on the road a lot," she explained. "So I don't really get to follow any television show, but I do love the show."

At last year's event, Pickler took time out to give some advice to the "Idol" hopefuls, pointers that seem just as useful for this year's competition. "I think it's all about having a good time, and as long as you're enjoying yourself, success is defined by happiness," she said. "So just have fun and enjoy it, and pick songs that you love and just have a good time."

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