Steve Carell Is 'Absolutely' Onboard To Make 'Anchorman 2'

'We would all want to do another one,' Carell says of the Will Ferrell comedy, although 'they haven't written a script.'

Almost two years since he first sounded off on the possibility of "Anchorman 2," Steve Carell remains positively thrilled at the prospect of returning for a sequel to the 2004 film many call the funniest movie of the decade.

It just might take another decade.

"We're all absolutely into it happening. [The first film] was fun. That was really fun to do," Carell said of returning for "Anchorman 2" while promoting "Date Night," his upcoming action/comedy with Tina Fey. "[But] they haven't written a script yet. ... I don't think they've [even] decided on a story line yet."

"They" in this case refers to co-writers Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, the longtime comedy partners whose most recent collaboration, "The Other Guys," opens this summer. While McKay told MTV News last September that bringing the gang back for another go-round was, at this point, "all about the scheduling," he did note that, without a script, they were a minimum of two years away from production.

With so many moving pieces — an unwritten script coupled with a large, famous cast getting more famous each month — Ferrell himself admitted in an interview with Zoo magazine that the idea might be doomed to languish in movie limbo for a while.

For his part, though, you should know you can count Carell in, the funnyman told MTV News. And nobody should know that better than Will Ferrell.

"I spoke to Will about 'Anchorman 2' about two weeks ago," Carell said. "We would all want to do another one."

In the meantime, Carell might turn his attention to another sequel. Announced in fall 2008 as officially in active development, "Get Smart 2" is inching ever forward, Carell said.

"There's a script written for 'Get Smart 2' that may or may not be made at some point. I think it turned out well. I think the script is good," the actor revealed. "It's just a matter of whether [the studio is] going to pull the trigger on it."

Co-starring Anne Hathaway and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the first "Get Smart" made $230 million worldwide.

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