3OH!3 Attending Katy Perry And Russell Brand's Wedding, Invite Or No

'I haven't been home yet, so it's probably in the mailbox,' Sean Foreman says about the whereabouts of his invitation.

While [artist id="3068464"]3OH!3[/artist] are busy working on their new album and gearing up for a tour with Cobra Starship this summer, they are also looking forward to possibly attending pal Katy Perry's wedding to Russell Brand. It seems that she promised her "Starstrukk" collaborators they would receive an invite to the big day.

"I haven't been home yet, so it's probably in the mailbox," Sean Foreman joked. "We travel a lot." But he does have a plan in place in case his invitation gets lost in the mail. "I'll just show up," he teased. "We'll be fine."

Bandmate Nathaniel Motte added that the last time he saw Perry she made it pretty clear that she had every intention of saving a space for them at the wedding whenever it should happen to go down. "She said it was in the mail. You know the postal service these days!" he said. "Plus I saw her the other day and she was like, 'I sent it.' Her sister was there and she [winked] at her sister. Long story short ... [we'll be there]."

Regardless of the whereabouts of their invitations, 3OH!3 insist that "bridezilla" Brand has their seal of approval. "We did meet him — super nice, really, really nice," Foreman said. Plus, the guys admit that Brand does seem to have a pretty great sense of humor as evidenced by his next film, "Get Him To the Greek." "His movie seems pretty funny," Motte continued, adding that both halves of the couple are busy with the wedding and other projects. "She's got a lot of stuff she's working on."

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