‘Clash Of The Titans’ Filmmakers Talk Sequel Plans

'We all hope we get to do it. It would be thrilling,' screenwriter Phil Hay says of penning two sequels.

Anytime a Hollywood studio recruits a director to helm a big-budget movie with franchise potential, execs want to know there’s a plan to keep the story moving — and the box-office dollars coming — if the first flick does as well as everyone hopes. “Clash of the Titans” certainly performed well this weekend , storming toward $61.4 million in ticket sales, and the filmmakers already have designs for two more “Clash” films, as they told MTV News earlier this year.

“I’m not saying I know what exactly will happen to [Sam Worthington’s] Perseus in the next two movies, but I know the direction and it’s pretty exciting,” director Louis Leterrier said. “It’s ancient superheroes.”

That direction will take full advantage of the depth of Greek mythology, delving into characters established in the first film as well as introducing fresh ones. “You’ve got so many creatures, so many heroes, so many gods,” Leterrier explained. “You have Daedalus, Icarus, Percivel. Amazing stuff. You’ve got several worlds. I could spend the rest of my life directing Greek mythology movies and I would still not finish everything.”

Screenwriters Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi have also been taking part in brainstorming sessions about a “Clash” trilogy, and they too envision further mining Greek mythology for the next films. That is, if the duo are brought back to pen future scripts.

“There are so many small stories to mine that don’t make movies on their own, but you can weave them together and create a comprehensive world,” Hay said. “We all hope we get to do it. It would be thrilling.”

And then, of course, there’s the 3-D question. The last-minute conversion of “Clash” to three dimensions was roundly panned by critics but didn’t seem to dampen the film’s box-office pull. Will a sequel, should it get the green light, be shot with 3-D cameras instead of undergoing a postproduction conversion? That certainly seems to be Leterrier’s preference.

“If we ever get to do [’Clash’] in 3-D, that would be fantastic,” the director said.

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