Paul Greengrass In Talks To Direct 'Fantastic Voyage'

'Green Zone' and 'Bourne' sequel director will reportedly helm the James Cameron-produced remake.

"Green Zone" director Paul Greengrass is in talks to direct "Fantastic Voyage" for Fox. Momentum has been building around the project ever since MTV News learned back in December that James Cameron was onboard to produce the Shane Salerno-scripted adaptation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the remake will be "delivered" in 3-D, though whether that means it will be shot from the start in the new format (like "Avatar") or shot using more traditional techniques and then converted (like "Clash of the Titans") remains unclear. With Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment producing, a true 3-D presentation is possible, and even likely.

The original 1966 film follows a group of adventurous scientists who are shrunk down to microscopic proportions. They then pilot a tiny submarine into and through the body of a defecting Soviet scientist in order to save his life. The remake's story will closely follow that basic plot, replacing the Cold War-era Soviet defector with someone more relevant for modern audiences.

Greengrass is perhaps best known for directing two sequels to "The Bourne Identity": "The Bourne Supremacy" in 2004 and "The Bourne Ultimatum" in 2007. He also directed "United 93," the 9/11-centered "based on truth" story, which earned Academy Award nominations in the Director and Editing categories. Greengrass most recently re-teamed with "Bourne" star Matt Damon for "Green Zone."

The director is known for his trademark visual style, which makes heavy use of handheld cameras and quick edits. It fit perfectly in "United 93" and the two "Bourne" films. "Green Zone" has so far grossed only $60 million in ticket sales worldwide, still rather short of the $100 million budget, but many have blamed its box-office performance on a general weariness of Iraq war stories.

Are you looking forward to a "Fantastic Voyage" remake? Is Paul Greengrass the right choice for it? Share your thoughts below.

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