Janet Jackson Recalls Working On 'Why Did I Get Married Too?' After MJ's Death

'When it's something that is that tragic, it doesn't leave you,' she tells MTV News.

Tragedy struck the Jackson family back in June when Michael Jackson died. Even with the world's support, [movieperson id="30812"]Janet Jackson[/movieperson] still had an immense amount of grief to manage, and she did so on the set of Tyler Perry's [movie id="421528"]"Why Did I Get Married Too?"[/movie]

The film is the sequel to Perry's 2007 hit. It follows the tribulations of four couples, one of whom is Jackson's character Patricia, a successful psychologist, and her loving husband Gavin (Malik Yoba). Between her onscreen spouse, her director and co-star, as well as the rest of the cast, Jackson had ample support.

"Everybody was so sweet, so nurturing, especially Tyler," she recalled. "It was great to be back with everyone again, and they were just very loving, very understanding. It was real sweet, very sweet."

"Why Did I Get Married Too?" is primarily a comedy but deals with a number of very intense issues, most of which affect Jackson's character. When asked about channeling her real-life emotions into Patricia, Jackson said, "With certain scenes, definitely. It was always there in the back of my mind, and obviously you get into your scene and your character, but still, when it's something that is that tragic, it doesn't leave you."

Perry was eager to interject and point out how her involvement in the film was particularly timely and a key component of the effort to mend Jackson's broken heart. "I think the filming was the perfect timing for her," he said. "It gave her the opportunity to, number one, have something immediate to focus on, and also, swinging a golf club around the room can really release some stress."

Yes, Jackson gets the chance to wield a golf club and take part in some glass-smashing. Not only is the moment vital in uncovering Patricia's hidden emotional side, but Jackson found it very therapeutic on a personal level as well.

"She knocked the hell out of me," Perry joked. "But she was so in the scene, I didn't yell cut."

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