Trey Songz Calls Out R. Kelly (Again) In Vibe Cover Story

'R. Kelly took Aaron Hall's whole style,' Songz says after his sound is compared to Kelly's.

Trey Songz might have denied that there's a beef between him and R. Kelly — whom he's regularly criticized in song and interviews — but that doesn't mean they share a friendly relationship.

In the upcoming April/May issue of Vibe, Songz again talks about Kelly, accusing him of jacking R&B singer/songwriter Aaron Hall's style. The "Say Aah" singer admits he's done the same with Kelly's style, injecting some of the embattled star's subtleties into his music. The result, Songz's Ready album, is his most successful project to date.

"People say, 'Well, I hear a lot of R. Kelly in your music.' So what?" Songz told the magazine, which hits newsstands April 13 "R. Kelly took Aaron Hall's whole style. Two albums straight. ... You can say what you want about me."

The Virginia native lashed out against Kelly on a mixtape for the singer's use of Auto-Tune, claiming he was chasing trends instead of paving the way. The pair have been tossing barbs at each other since an upstart Songz remixed Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" single before the singer decided to make a full-scale series of "Closet" songs. In Trey Songz's version, he responded as the man in the closet hiding from what was taking place between Kelly and his wife. Kelly then released part two, and in his version, the man in the closet reveals himself to be gay.

Since then, Songz has been vocal with his disdain for Kelly. Kelly struck back in an interview, saying the younger singer should "be very careful."

In the meantime, Trey Songz is flourishing as a part of Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 Tour. He's the opener and also sings during Jay's set. In December, he told MTV News that during the trip, he, Jay-Z and Young Jeezy are working on music together.

"It's definitely all in the talks," he said. "It's the Mob Squad. Me, Jay, Jeezy, we plan on working together while we on this tour, because the energy we have together when we get around each other is amazing. And like I said, all aspects like that on a record is amazing. Maybe while we out on the road we get it done."

What do think about Trey Songz's comments? Whose side are you on: Trey's or R. Kelly's? Let us know in the comments below!