Matt And Kim Call Erykah Badu's Nude 'Window Seat' Video 'More Than Just Shock Value'

Badu credits duo at beginning of her clip, and talked with them before filming.

The first thing that flashes across the screen in Erykah Badu's "Window Seat" video isn't a bit of exposed flesh or some wondrously weird background character — it's a message that reads "Inspired by Matt and Kim."

Erykah Badu's 'Window Seat': Shot By Shot

It's a nod, of course, to the Brooklyn duo's clothing-optional

"Lessons Learned" video, which saw them dash naked through Times Square and earned them a host of accolades, including the award for Video of the Year at the 2009 mtvU Woodie Awards. Badu's "Window Seat" clip is sort of like its spiritual cousin, something she acknowledges right off the bat. But it didn't start there.

Before Badu even filmed her video, she reached out to Matt and Kim to discuss her plans for the project — and get their blessing — as Matt Johnson explained to MTV News late Tuesday night.

"She's an artist that I respect and like, and before she made the video I got a call from her and we talked about it for a little bit," Johnson said. "We talked about the bigger picture she saw ... and I definitely respect that she gave us credit by putting our name in her video, rather than just making the video and not giving us credit."

And since Badu's clip has become a certified Internet sensation, Johnson is happy that his band is able to share in some small part of the phenomenon. And he's also glad that the "Window Seat" video lived up to Badu's promise of being something more than just nudity for nudity's sake. The way he sees it, there's a level of rather deft social commentary involved, too.

"I think she did the video in the right spirit [that] we talked [about], and it's more than just shock value," he said. "There was a bigger idea for the whole thing."

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