Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Is 'Back Into Action' With 'Faster'

'I'm back into the space of kickin' ass, which I love to do,' he says of November 19 thriller.

LAS VEGAS — Few have ever a Hollywood career like [movieperson id="444156"]Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson[/movieperson]. A professional wrestler, he was overlooked and underestimated as he entered the acting arena but unleashed a flurry of hits like "The Scorpion King," "The Rundown" and "The Game Plan." Recently, he began work on a new project that has him getting bigger, tougher and "Faster."

"We just started shooting 'Faster' a few weeks ago, and the shoot's going great," a noticeably larger Johnson told MTV News recently. "It's a great space to be back into. I left the action genre for a couple of years, I did comedy and some family movies as well. But to get back into the pure action genre [in a] revenge thriller is just awesome. I'm back into the space of kickin' ass, which I love to do."

The November 19 film begins with the Rock getting shot in the head — and from there, it gets dark. "The script was great," he said. "It's like a mix between 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' and 'Bullitt.' It has an old-school texture to it where no one has names. There's [my character called] the Driver. [There's] the Killer, the Cop, the Evangelist, the Woman. Jennifer Carpenter, she's awesome. We have myself, Billy Bob Thornton, the lovely, beautiful and talented Carla Gugino. Moon Bloodgood, Mike Epps and Tom Berenger.

"In one of the pivotal scenes, my brother and I are involved in a robbery, and the robbery goes awry," he continued. "The men who we commit the crime with turn on us for the money. They execute us both. They slit my brother's throat, then they shoot me in the back of the head. It goes in [the back of my head] and exits out my face, and my body shuts down. Then I come back to life with a plate in my head, and I have to serve 10 years — and when I get out, it's time to kick some ass."

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