Classic Films Redone In 3-D, Coming To A Theater Near You

From 'Star Wars' to 'Lord of the Rings,' some of your old favorites may have an extra dimension added.

Think you've seen Darth Vader slicing off Luke's hand? Think you've been there on the Titanic as Jack gives Rose one last deep, everlasting kiss? Think you comprehend the true beauty of Gollum's precious? Well, think again.

All week long MTV News is turning our red-and-blue glasses towards 3-D, the trend currently re-inventing how we see movies. But not everything coming up is "Clash of the Titans" and "The Smurfs." The revolution is also fueling a series of re-releases of your all-time favorite films, promising to put you inside yesterday's blockbusters as never before. Read on for a few of the more promising old friends who could be getting an extreme makeover in theaters:

"Titanic": What do you do when your new movie beats your old one's record as box-office champ? You re-release the old one, of course! Sure enough, James Cameron is revisiting "Titanic," his tragic love story aboard the mighty ship, in 3-D in 2012 — marking the 100-year anniversary of the doomed vessel's one and only voyage. During a panel at Comic-Con, the "Avatar" filmmaker said that he's seen a few minutes of the converted film and "it's spectacular." As authentic as the disaster flick felt the first time, in two years we may really feel as if we are sinking with the Titanic from our dry theater seats.

"Star Wars": Closely following the success of Cameron's "Avatar," director George Lucas has apparently decided to re-release the "Star

Wars" movies in 3-D as well. Imagine seeing a lightsaber battle right in front of your nose, Boba Fett soaring in the Slave One, or laser beams shooting past your face, and you can only assume that the force will be with George — at least, in Episodes 4-6. Jar-Jar can stay in 2-D, for all we care.

"Lord of the Rings": Director Peter Jackson hopes his trilogy will become part of the new wave of 3-D re-releases. If the conversions get the green light, it may take up to "two or three years," according to Jackson during a recent interview. The film's now-legendary effects, in 3-D, promise to be second in entertainment value only to watching a smart-alecky dwarf wielding a pick-axe.

"Beauty and the Beast": The long-in-development 3-D version of this '90s Disney classic is currently eyeballing a 2011 release date. During Disney's presentation at ShoWest in 2009, a scene of the converted film had the press buzzing, and if one company has success repeatedly re-releasing its classics, it's the Mouse House. Personally, we can't wait to see the "Be Our Guest" musical scene in 3-D, because you simply can't go wrong with dancing kitchen appliances in any dimension.

"300": Although there is no official confirmation as of yet, director Zack Snyder is an unapologetic 3-D fan who has offered hope in the past that the warriors of Spartan will bring their codpieces to 3-D. Now that his movie has become a modern-day classic, it's intriguing to imagine some of the film's key battle sequences leaping off the screen — the arrow attack alone would be worth the price of admission.

"Harry Potter and Every Movie Ever Made": With "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," the two-part last chapter of the series, being released in 3-D in the coming months, there have been rumors that the rest of the films could also be converted to the 3-D format. Imagine seeing all the now-classic adventures of the boy wizard and his friends jumping off the screen, and the possibility seems almost as exciting as it was to see them for the first time.

"Terminator 2: Judgment Day": It's no secret that James Cameron is the king of 3-D. So, it's no surprise that the filmmaker wants to revisit one of his greatest achievements, 1991's massively successful "Terminator" sequel. According to the filmmaker, "T2" has already had 3-D tests done on it, and a re-release could be the happiest facet of John Connor's future.

Do not adjust your glasses! It's 3-D week at MTV News. All week long, we're looking at the biggest and boldest upcoming movies set to reach out and grab you with the wonders of 3-D technology. We've got exclusive sneak peeks at "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," "Tron Legacy," "Clash of the Titans" and many more.

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