'Hills' Trailer Teases Divorce, Intervention, Controversy

Trailer for show's final season premieres: Kristin confronts drug rumors, Heidi shows her plastic surgery to her mom.

It seems like "The Hills" is saving the best drama for its last season. In a trailer for the final season of "The Hills" that premiered on Tuesday (March 30), there's barely a topic that isn't touched upon: Heidi Montag's plastic surgery, rumors that Heidi and Spencer are breaking up and concerns about Kristin Cavallari's drug use are all teased in the trailer for the final season, which premieres on April 27.

The trailer opens with scenes from the first season of the show, featuring original star Lauren Conrad. "Four girls moved to L.A. ..." the trailer reads as a montage of some of LC's greatest moments flash and as she makes friends with the girls who would shape her life and the show: Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port.

The trailer then reads, "We watched them love," with scenes of LC hanging out with her ex, Jason Wahler, then cuts to scenes of Heidi and Lauren arguing over rumors that Heidi had reportedly started about her. And before long, Heidi was moving out to live with Spencer, even as Heidi came to the realization that LC still means a lot to her.

And although Conrad left the show just as Heidi and Spencer got married in the middle of season five, the trailer teases that in the final season, "Nothing stays the same forever." Kristin Cavallari makes her grand return to the show and soon Heidi would go home to Colorado for the final season and show her mom her plastic surgery: "Nobody's seen Heidi 3.0." It seems her new look has left her mom speechless: She asks, "Do I look good?" and does not get the answer she was hoping for.

It seems there will also be several new friends in the fold, including Audrina's new beau, musician Ryan Cabrera, and Kristin and Brody Jenner will continue to examine their feelings for one another. "Brody and I, we'll always have a thing," Kristin confesses.

But the trailer also addresses rumors that Kristin had been experimenting with drugs. "We are worried about you," Stephanie tells her with Lo by her side, as Kristin denies ever having any drug problems.

The trailer ends with many questions unanswered: Can Heidi and Spencer make it? Will Spencer be able to control his anger issues? Can the friends finally let go of past dramas and move on as the show comes to an end? We'll find out after the season begins on April 27 ...

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"The Hills" final season begins on Tuesday, April 27, at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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