Miley Cyrus Was 'Anxious And Excited' To Play Ronnie In 'The Last Song'

Miley Cyrus has dealt with her share of criticism over the last few years. From her wardrobe choices to performing while swinging on a stripper pole, Cyrus has been known to create controversy and has dealt with disapproval from the parents of her young fans. So, it seems that with the more mature themes of her new flick, "The Last Song," she could relate to her character, rebellious teen Ronnie.

"I was ... a little more anxious and excited. I was just excited to get out of L.A. and go to Georgia and have some time off," she said about shooting the film, opening on Wednesday (March 31). The role was written especially for Cyrus by "The Notebook" scribe Nicholas Sparks.

Like Cyrus, Ronnie is also a musician, a trait the singer could relate to. However, Cyrus had to learn piano for the role. "Mostly through the love of music. Mostly what she learns later is all about love and forgiveness and second chances — you know, in the career I'm in I have to do that a lot," she explained about their similarities. "There's no room for grudges and bitterness. She learns that later it's all about love and the people around you. And I think it's really beautifully done the way she has that transition and learns."

The film's director, Julie Anne Robinson, has praised Cyrus' performance and Cyrus says that playing Ronnie was a lot easier with Robinson's direction. "She did an amazing job. She kept me always different, not always tears; she always gave me something different to do. She gave it a lot more dimension."

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