Lil Wayne Not Involved In Weekend Brawl, Rikers Island Source Says

Source says Wayne is doing 'well' in jail.

From all indications, Lil Wayne is doing fine in prison. He began his sentence on March 8 and arrived at Rikers Island later that day, and last week, his friend and associate Mack Maine posted a message on Twitter saying: "Jus left Rikers Island ... Spoke wit Wayne for 2hrs ... He's good. Told me to tell y'all wadup ... Special website komin soon ... #thank God ... LUV."

On Monday (March 29), a source inside Rikers Island who asked that his name not be made public gave MTV News some observations about how Wayne is holding up.

"He's doing well. He's adapting to the situation," the source said, adding that Wayne was not involved in a brawl that took place at the facility over the weekend in which 13 officers and three inmates were injured, according to New York's Daily News. The incident reportedly occurred after inmates refused to be locked in for the night, and did not take place in the area of the facility where Wayne is being held.

The source also scotched a rumor that Wayne got into a confrontation with another inmate just days after his sentencing.

"That's a rumor I heard, but nothing substantiated," the source said, adding that Wayne is usually in protective custody and, for the most part, has been getting a positive reaction from inmates. However, the source said that some inmates seem not to be aware of his situation.

"While he's walking the hallways, he's told not to communicate with these guys," the source explained. "So they're a bit disgruntled because he's not hollering back."

Wayne was sentenced to a year in prison on gun-possession charges and could be released after serving eight months, assuming good behavior.