Paramore's Hayley Williams Sings Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' On Twitter

'Most fun I've ever had in ever,' she tweets about performing the cover.

[artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] singer Hayley Williams has one of the most entertaining Twitter feeds of any musician on the Internet. She regularly tweets her reviews of movies she has seen (she recently saw and loved "Hot Tub Time Machine"), rants about UFC events and exchanges inside jokes with her own band members, Nashville friends and boyfriend Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory. Though she drops the occasional Twitpic, her Twitter has been mostly a word-based experience.

Until now. Over the weekend, Williams posted a video to her Twitter feed. "Feel a bit crazy posting this ... but you asked for it!" the 21-year-old frontwoman wrote. "My apologies to Miss Gaga. Love, your friend, Lady Haha." The link revealed a video of Williams sitting at a piano, adusting her hair and then singing and playing [artist id="3061469"]Gaga's[/artist] "Bad Romance."

Williams gave Gaga's hit a nice little remix, making the solo piano version into a cabaret shuffle. She seemed to take extra pleasure in the "Ooh la la" portions of the tune, rolling the R's and belting out the notes.

The video came as a result of a tweet she sent only a few hours before. "Playing 'Bad Romance' on the piano and pretending to be Lady Gaga," she wrote. "Why haven't I ever done this before? Most fun I've ever had in ever."

Williams is just the latest star from the rock world to take on a Lady Gaga song. She joins the ranks of Chris Daughtry, Weezer, Maximo Park, We the Kings and, of course, Eric Cartman of "South Park" fame. Could "Bad Romance" sneak into Paramore sets in the future? We'll find out when the group kicks off the latest stretch of tour dates on April 26 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

What Lady Gaga song would you like to see Paramore cover? Let us know in the comments!