Jae Millz Talks Working In The Studio With Lil Wayne

'On a certain day, he might like a certain beat,' Millz tells Mixtape Daily.

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Street King: Jae Millz

Holding It Down For: Harlem

Mixtape: The Flood

Real Spit: Jae Millz knows the method to getting Lil Wayne on tracks. Several days before Weezy started his one-year prison sentence, The Fireman was in the studio with his Young Money signee. While playing beats, Millz, a native of Harlem, put on a track that had a sample of a voice saying "Rikers Island."

"My boy J. Cardim did it," Millz said of the untitled track. "It's a sample of an old reggae record. ... I was gonna do it because I was gonna talk about my homies that's locked up, but that's not powerful enough. It wouldn't have been that much of a record. So with the situation that's up right now, I happened to stumble across the beat.

"You gotta catch him on a certain day," Millz added about Wayne. "On a certain day, he might like a certain beat. The sh-- might be hot, depending on his mode. He works off whatever mode he's in."

Millz is in assassin mode these days — The Flood is the first of many tapes to come before he drops his official LP.

Joints To Check For

» "The First 48." " 'First 48' is one of my favorite shows on A&E — it deals with reality," Millz explained. "My mixtape deals with reality, but it's kinda like a show in a way. 'The First 48' is the first 48 bars of my show, my reality. I gave them 48 bars. The first 48 bars off the mixtape."

» "Angels." "I had to go in on that," Millz said. "Shout-out to Diddy. I had to go in on this when I heard Ross' verse. I wasn't gonna do it, because to me that's just the 'Where I'm From' beat. No disrespect to Jay-Z, but you know how many times we threw that beat on in a cipher? Or at a radio station, they threw that beat on and I had to go in on that beat? That's a monumental song. But when I heard Ross do it, them first two bars, 'I'm a photographer's dream/ Counting cream as my chain swing.' I was like, 'There are people still out here playing. Here's people in the studio playing, besides the people in my camp.' "

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