Miley Cyrus Says Nicholas Sparks' Writing Is Grounded In 'Reality'

'Last Song' writer conveys romance 'without going melodramatic and corny,' Cyrus tells MTV News.

Miley Cyrus will hit the big screen this week — not as alter ego Hannah Montana, but instead in a film written especially for her by best-selling novelist Nicholas Sparks. Earlier this year, the writer made girls swoon at the box office with his flick "Dear John."

Playing rebellious teen Ronnie Miller, Cyrus is certainly proving to everyone she's not just a Disney princess. The flick, which is about Ronnie's relationship not only with her estranged dad (Greg Kinnear) but also with new flame Will (Liam Hemsworth), really touched Cyrus.

"I think he does romance in such a cool way," Cyrus told MTV News about Sparks. "He does it like 'Romeo and Juliet,' a pure love story without going melodramatic and corny. It's just romantic, and it's almost like a fairy tale, but it has reality to it."

Not only did Sparks construct a story and character for Cyrus to evolve as an actress, but director Julie Anne Robinson also pushed Cyrus to add more "dimension" to her acting. "She did an amazing job," Cyrus said. "She kept me always different, not always tears. She always gave me something different to do, gave it a lot more dimension."

Robinson wasn't too familiar with Cyrus' work before she worked with her on this film, but she knew Miley could handle the part. "I met her and had a good feeling about working with her," Robinson said. "Nick Sparks wrote the role for her. I'm an actor's director. I love to pull performances and work with young actors. I felt confident."

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