Demi Lovato And Joe Jonas Give Their First Interview As A Couple

'The feelings were always there,' Lovato tells Ryan Seacrest.

Fresh off their performance of "Make a Wave" on "American Idol" Wednesday night, Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas gave Ryan Seacrest their first joint interview as a couple on the "Idol" host's radio show.

Of course, Seacrest asked the question on everybody's minds: "Joe, who made your suit?" He was kidding, obviously. (But the answer was Gucci, in case you were wondering.) He actually wanted to know about reports that the couple had officially started dating.

"We've been best friends for the longest time, and now we're just kind of taking the next step, and it's been really fun," Jonas said. "And we're having a great time."

Lovato told Seacrest, "I think being best friends for a while, over time feelings grow. I think for me, as much as I wanted to deny it, the feelings were always there."

"I think it kind of shifted over, like, probably a month ago," Jonas said about their platonic relationship turning romantic. "I think we've always kind of figured that one day it would happen, but we didn't feel like it was the right time."

Lest you think the relationship is a publicity stunt for their new Disney Channel movie, "Camp Rock 2" (out later this year), Jonas and Lovato lovingly gazed into each other's eyes and smiled as Seacrest asked them questions about their budding love.

Check their banter when Seacrest asked if the couple was nervous before their "Idol" performance last night. Seacrest said he couldn't even finish their intro because the crowd was screaming so loud:

"We were looking at each other, and I said, 'Are you nervous?' " Jonas recalled. "And she was like, 'Yeah.' And she was like, 'Are you nervous?' And I was like, 'Um, no,' trying to play it cool."

"I could totally tell you were nervous," Lovato laughed.

"Yeah, I know," he said.

In addition to mocking the distinct laughs of Lovato and one of the show's producers, Seacrest asked Jonas if he could take the time to clear up a rumor making the rounds on Twitter that the JoBro allegedly got a rope burn while working out.

"Rope burn?" Jonas asked. "I work out on the beach. My trainer, we go to the Santa Monica Pier where they have the rings and all that, but I've never tweeted about rope burn. ... I can clarify. I mean, I have really dry skin. Maybe that's what it is. I don't moisturize enough, I guess."

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