'Avatar' Could Be 'More Vivid' On DVD, James Cameron Says

Cameron says 'the strengths of the movie' will remain in home-theater version.

On April 22, movie lovers across the country will have a brand-new way to explore the lush jungles of Pandora when "Avatar" is released on Blu-ray and DVD. Many fans are understandably curious about how the massively successful science-fiction film will translate from 3-D and IMAX locations to a home-viewing experience. But director James Cameron insists that the core ingredients of his blockbuster are still in place.

"The strengths of the movie are still there," Cameron told MTV News of the film's transition from theaters to homes. "The colors are incredibly vivid. The composition, the camera work, the acting, the lighting, the action, the energy, the music — all of those things are the same."

The one major difference between viewing "Avatar" on the big screen versus the small screen, according to Cameron, is the lack of "the stereoscopic illusion," which was perhaps the greatest draw for moviegoers who saw the film in 3-D and IMAX theaters. Despite this, Cameron said that viewers will benefit from no longer needing the occasionally cumbersome 3-D glasses in order to appreciate the film.

"When you're not looking through the glasses, everything is clearer and brighter ... and therefore kind of more vivid in some ways," he said. "It's a trade space. You're trading one thing for another thing."

According to Jon Landau, one of the producers on "Avatar" and a longtime collaborator of Cameron's, it's critical that the home-viewing experience match the film's theatrical quality for one simple reason.

"More people in the life of this movie will see this movie in their homes, not in theaters," he stated.

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