Who Does Justin Bieber Retweet?

We take a look at the lucky fans whose messages get extra love on Bieber's Twitter page.

[artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] loves Twitter. His fans love his Twitter. And they love tweeting about Bieber. The 16-year old Bieber tends return the favor, retweeting his fans' messages quite frequently. But who of his 1.5 million followers receives such an honor? MTV News decided to conduct a not-so-scientific study of his Twitter page to find out.

Mostly, it seems that Bieber retweets fans who have been kind to him on their own Twitter pages. This week, he has been engaging his fans in nonstop retweet fests about his album. For instance, last night, he retweeted a comment made by MissTouchstone1, "@justinbieber: MY WORLD 2.0 is HOT! im LOVING the sound on this album!"

According to her page, MissTouchstone1 is a 21-year-old from Jackson, Mississippi. "I love my family!" she says in her bio. "I try to be POSiTiVE because it makes a bigger impact than being Negative all the time!"

Bieber also retweeted BieberDivaz, who wrote on her page, "If all of @justinbieber's followers each bought a copy of My World 2.0 it wud go platinum tomorrow!!! do it for justin buy one now!! " Her twitter profiles even notes the times that Bieber has retweeted her: "JJ followed on 3.08.10 :) Justin bieber retweeted me twice on 3.23.10 at 7pm ET great day!"

And he followed this pattern with ashleybans123 — "@justinbieber ur new CD rocks!" — and marghilovesjbs1, who wrote "@justinbieber The CD is just absolutely AMAZING! go buy it, and get the golden ticket!!"

But some of his Twitter fans want to take their relationship beyond the Internet and meet the pop star in person. Hope Downs (a.k.a. ladyyrauhl), whose message about buying My World 2.0 twice was retweeted by Bieber this week, said her dream was fulfilled last year. "Justin Bieber has changed my life," her bio reads. "He is breathtaking. my dream was to meet him, it became a reality on 8/11/09. he followed on 1/20/10 & RTed me on 3/23/10."

Downs has even bigger ambitions. She's also posted an online petition to get herself onstage at one of Bieber's shows. "My current dream is nothing out of the ordinary. Just like many other girls, my dream is to be Justin Bieber's 'one less lonely girl' on stage on August 4th, 2010 in Orlando, FL on his 'MY WORLD' Tour." So far her petition has 315 signatures. Will Bieber listen?

Has Justin Bieber retweeted you? What would you do if he did? Share your thoughts below.

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