Lil Wayne, T.I. Family Members Discuss Life With Jailed Rappers

'No one wants to see anyone in jail, especially their kids' father and husband,' Lil Wayne's ex Antonia Carter says.

Lil Wayne began his one-year prison stint this month just as T.I. is preparing to complete his sentence. While fans of both have expressed how much they miss the superstar rappers, the circumstances have been especially trying for each artist's family members.

The mothers of their children, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle and Antonia "Toya" Carter, spoke to Honey magazine recently and revealed what it's been like for them as T.I. transitions from a halfway house to freedom and Wayne serves out his term.

"No one wants to see anyone in jail, especially their kids' father and husband," Lil Wayne's ex-wife Toya said. "Wayne and I have a great relationship. That's just not anywhere that I want to see him. He's never not been accessible. As long as we've been talking or dating I've never not been able to pick up the phone and call him no matter what is going on in my life. Now he's locked up and it's not like that anymore."

Late last year, T.I. was transferred from a federal prison to a halfway house in Atlanta. He's permitted to leave the premises to work, which includes recording in the studio; he's already released his comeback effort "I'm Back." On Friday, T.I. is scheduled to be sent home.

Earlier this month, Tip made his first public appearance since turning himself in when he attended a charity event hosted by his fiancée, Tiny. Cottle said she's already been spending time with T.I. as he prepares to complete his sentence.

"In the daytime he's working a lot in the studio, and most of my time is spent staying where he is and then we come home together," she explained.

According to Toya, Wayne has been trying to keep his personal life as normal as possible during his incarceration. She said the rapper and their daughter, Reginae, his first child, still keep in contact, although now their scheduled phone calls are much more regimented.

"As far as my daughter, her and her father have a great relationship," Toya said. "She talks to him every day after school. She can still talk to him, but now it's on a schedule with calls. It's going to be a change for these eight months."

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