Justin Bieber Beats Nick Cannon At Bowling During My World 2.0 Party

'He's about to take over the world,' Cannon says of Bieber's newfound success.

NEW YORK — Not only can Justin Bieber celebrate the release of his sophomore album My World 2.0, but he also rose to victory against Nick Cannon at his bowling-themed release party at Lucky Strike Lanes in Manhattan. It's made even sweeter since Cannon seemed pretty sure he was going to beat Bieber at his own game.

Only minutes before he stepped inside to compete against Bieber, he spoke to MTV News about his plans to kick his butt at the game. "I'm going to! I'm about to show Justin that he has no skills," he said. "He can't bowl. We privately had this conversation and he said that his game is only decent. My game is ill. I'm next-level — I'm like the Tiger Woods of bowling, but without all the drama."

And while Bieber is seen bowling in his music video for his single "Baby," Cannon had been hitting the lanes to train for his bout against Bieber. "Practicing and everything," he shared. "Justin's gonna get it. I got the bowling attire. I'm ready to bowl."

But as it turned out, Cannon was all talk and was taken down by Bieber and lost to him in their big match. Despite losing to him, does Cannon have a case of Bieber fever? "Kind of. I feel it coming on. That kid is definitely busy ... he's got a lot of hot stuff going on. He's about to take over the world. We're gonna see him live and in person [tonight]."

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