Nicki Minaj Lobbies For A Part In 'Nightmare On Elm Street' Remake

Plus: Kidz in the Hall lead us through their Land of Make Believe, in Mixtape Daily.

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Nicki Minaj has an affinity for a certain silver-screen serial killer. On Ludacris' "My Chick Bad," Minaj big-ups Mr. Freddy Krueger himself.

"Tuck yourself in, you better hold on to ya teddy," she raps. "It's 'Nightmare on Elm Street,' and guess who's playing Freddy?"

Before that, on the unofficial remix of Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams," she name-drops the dream thief again. "Yo, Young Money right here/ Bike here, throw it up, no high chair/ Cold like a white bear/ Freddy Krueger, I'm a rap bi--- nightmare."

On the set of her "Massive Attack" video, we asked Nick if she was anticipating the upcoming remake of the popular 1980s horror film. The Jamaica Queens native said she just found out about it, but she should have had a role in the movie.

"I didn't even know they were doing it," Nicki said with her sunny smile. "They should have cast me. Like a freaking crazy lunatic running crazy down in a wig and the Freddy glove with pink fingernails on it? They missed the mark."

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Independent Album: Land of Make Believe

Headliners: Kidz in the Hall

Key Collaborations: "Jukebox" (featuring MC Lyte), "Fresh Academy" (featuring Donnis and Chip the Ripper) and "Will II Win" (featuring Marsha Ambrosius)

Essential Info: Naledge and Double-O dropped their latest LP earlier this month, and in between their always busy recording schedule, the duo dropped jewels on us about what some of the songs mean to them.

"This was a song that we did early on in the recording process," Double-O said about "Running." "We were going through internal issues and dealing with a lot of B.S. So this song really represents the frustration with everything. I made sure Naledge spit it with a certain energy, and then I distorted his vocals to really get the point across. We used some vocal effects on other songs on the album, but I left them all off on the bridge so you really get the raw emotion we were feeling."

Double-O was partial to "Out to Lunch" featuring the Kid Daytona. "This record was meant to be for the hip-hop heads who really enjoy lyrics and minimal beats," Double said. "Me and Daytona used this song as our ode to the Native Tongues era. We totally went for that fly, fashionista and abstract feel on this record. It's the perfect cipher beat."

O gets more personal later on in the album. "This record was essentially my version of 'Cleanin' Out My Closet,' " he said, comparing "Do It All Again" to Eminem's 2002 hit. "I often have gotten criticism for not being interesting enough or getting personal on our records. This record is one of many moments on this album I lay my inner me on the table."

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