Lone Ranger Movie Is In The Works, Jerry Bruckheimer Confirms

'You're gonna see how the Lone Ranger became the Lone Ranger,' producer tells MTV News.

"The Lone Ranger," which has long been a question mark in Hollywood, might be here sooner than you think, as producer Jerry Bruckheimer told MTV News at ShoWest last week. " 'The Lone Ranger' is another one that we're working on," he said, going on to reaffirm Johnny Depp's interest in the role of Ranger sidekick Tonto. "That hopefully will get done in the next year or so. We're still working on the screenplay."

There's been much speculation about who will play the title role, but no announcements have been made. It sounds like Bruckheimer and his team haven't found their star yet, but they know what they're looking for. "A great actor who's handsome and charismatic, which we'll find," he said.

On the show, the Lone Ranger and Tonto were roughly the same age. Depp is in his late 40s, and while he can certainly play younger, it raises the question of whether the Ranger casting will fall into the same age range.

"We don't know that yet, that's what we're working on," Bruckheimer explained. "Just trying to figure that all out. You find the right actor, and you'll make it work no matter what their age."

One of the driving forces behind getting this movie made has been Bruckheimer himself, who was a fan of the show. "I used to watch it all the time on television. That's one of the reasons we're making it, because I enjoyed it so much."

The movie will start with the Lone Ranger's beginnings and continue on from there. "This is the origin of Lone Ranger," he said, "so you're gonna see how the Lone Ranger became the Lone Ranger. He was a Texas Ranger, and how he became the Lone Ranger."

Bruckheimer went on to confirm that this will all be true to the core story laid out on the show, from the metamorphosis of Texas Ranger into Lone Ranger and the origins of his history from the beginning. As Bruckheimer said, a faint smile on his face, "Always start in the beginning."

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