Snoop Dogg Compares Kid Cudi Video To 'Romper Room' Kids' Show

'It's just me and him having a good time,' Snoop says of 'That Tree' clip.

[artist id="1133"]Snoop Dogg[/artist] and [artist id="3066140"]Kid Cudi[/artist] recently shot the video for their collaboration "That Tree." The head-nodding number, produced by Diplo and featured on Snoop's More Malice, features the Doggfather and Cudi trading verses about their favorite smoke-filled pastime.

According to Snoop, the video will be "Romper Room"-like, a nod to the famed children's television series known for its organized-yet-free-for-all episodes.

"It's kind of hard to explain," Snoop told MTV News about the concept. "It's like 'Romper Room.' It's kiddish. It's really fun. Me and him like to have fun, so we wanted the video to depict that. It's not a real serious video. There's no champagne room. There's no money being thrown or a bunch of girls. It's just me and him having a good time."

The song is one of the additions Snoop's forthcoming re-release of Malice N Wonderland. The More Malice set includes the original album along with the Cudi-assisted "That Tree," the "I Wanna Rock" G-mix (featuring Jay-Z) and a DVD containing the "Malice N Wonderland" movie.

The West Coast rapper spoke with MTV News last week and explained his decision to repackage his latest project with a film.

"I like to be very creative," he explained. "I like to give people all of Snoop Dogg when I give them an album. I felt like on the [Malice N Wonderland] record, I didn't give all of Snoop Dogg like I really could have. I had to make the record be about 12 songs and conceptually stick to the script as opposed to what I normally do with 20 to 21 songs on the album and overdose people. So what I did [on More Malice] was, I pulled back from the music and put a little more thought in the creative side as far as the visual aspects. Am I gonna just make one video and say, 'This is the single,' and hope that people attract to it? Or was I gonna make a mini-movie to make people understand the philosophy behind this Malice N Wonderland project, and that's what I was on."

What do think about Snoop Dogg's video idea? Do you think his clip with Kid Cudi will live up to the hype? Let us know in the comments below!