Justin Bieber Performs On 'The View,' Tells The Ladies He's Single

For his second day on the show, Bieber performs 'Baby.'

[artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] had some of his biggest fans dancing in the aisles at Tuesday's taping of "The View," where he made history by being the first guest to make two appearances on the show two days in a row. On Monday he sat down with the ladies to chat about his rise to fame and perform an acoustic version of his track "Never Let You Go," and on Tuesday he came back for a full-out performance of his single "Baby" off his sophomore release My World 2.0.

His performance included a full band, DJ, back-up dancers and singers. But before he hit the stage and before the cameras started rolling, Bieber killed time by beat-boxing and joking around with his bandmates. As soon as the cameras started rolling and Elisabeth Hasselbeck gave him his intro, he went into full-on performance mode, singing the track, rapping Ludacris' part and even busting out some Michael Jackson-like dance moves. Bieber even serenaded a few of his fans in the crowd.

After his performance was over, he remained onstage where he revealed he was single and wouldn't mind dating a girl like Hasselbeck. When the show went back to commercial, he was seen hanging out with all the hosts, minus Barbara Walters who wasn't on the show, and posing for pictures with them while fans in the stands tried to get his attention.

When the show ended, Bieber gave a few extra high-fives to his band and left the stage, leaving his fans excited and wanting more.