Green Day's 'American Idiot' May Become Tom Hanks-Produced Movie

The 'Mamma Mia!' producer is reportedly in talks to bring this musical to the big screen.

After a theatrical run in Berkeley, California, last fall and a preview at the Grammys in January, Tom Hanks has seen enough of Green Day's "American Idiot" musical. According to reports, Hanks doesn't want to wait until its April 20 Broadway premiere to make a deal to turn "Idiot" into a movie.

According to, Hanks and his Playtone production company are in talks to adapt the musical, which itself is based on Green Day's 2004 album American Idiot. Telling a story of love, loss and war, the musical integrates songs from that album as well as 21st Century Breakdown and a never-released tune called "When It's Time."

Hanks and Playtone adapted the ABBA musical "Mamma Mia!" for the big screen in 2008. The film grossed $609.8 million worldwide, and rumors of a sequel have long been circulating.

Directed by Tony-winning "Spring Awakening" helmer Michael Mayer, "American Idiot" began a run at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre in September 2009. At the Grammys, Billie Joe Armstrong and the band were 1630945joined by the cast of the show to joined by the cast of the show to perform "21 Guns," a cut off of 21st Century Breakdown, which won Best Rock Album. The production is set to begin previews at Manhattan's St. James Theatre on March 24 and then officially open on April 20.

"Michael Mayer is great; the cast is great," Armstrong told MTV News last year. "They're really passionate as artists. They put everything they possibly can into it. They're not trying to make it big and Hollywood. They're artists, and that's the most inspiring thing."

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