Will The Runaways' '70s Fashions Come Back In Style?

Fashion experts break down Kristen Stewart's and Dakota Fanning's looks in the rock biopic.

When Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart rock the big screen this weekend in their new flick "The Runaways," fans will see them in full '70s style. That means they'll be rocking feathered and shag haircuts, bell-bottom jeans and lots of vintage T-shirts. Some of the fashion community's biggest stars admit that this summer, they suspect a lot of young ladies will try their hand at that classic Runaways style.

"[The girls are] bringing in the feathered rock-and-roll look," "The City" boss Kelly Cutrone told MTV News. "The good news about this film for me, right now, is that '70s fashion is affordable. It was all about the satin shorts. It was all about the little thongy tank tops with a boy shirt and pair of corduroys and a bag and some studs. It's nothing too fancy that you can't get from a vintage store."

Cutrone added that the look, which was more masculine than what ladies had worn in previous decades, sprang from the freedom women found in that decade. "All of a sudden, you can get a job and make your own money. This was a happening time, because they were free," she said. "They were empowered. They were the band; they weren't with the band."

Celebrity stylist Robert Verdi said that while the look might feel new to the actresses' fans, their parents will definitely recall wearing many of these styles. "I think what's interesting when you look at the Runaways' style is that it's new to a generation but old to some people," he said. "The entire sort of shaggy haircut ... it's sort of punk rock, kind of intellectual, but still grungy.

"What stands out is the shaggy hair. The mullet. That look will become popular again with young girls, because anyone who's done it before won't do it again," he added, pointing out a few other trends that will take off. "The cork shoes. The big, chunky kind of hippie shoe. The faded, light-blue jeans. The fitted military shirts with big collars. Nothing's loose. ... All those things will be things girls like to wear."

If any of the looks take off, Heatherette designer Richie Rich said it will be all about the T-shirts. "I love '70s fashion. I love that whole hippie-dippy feeling ... that vibe of being cooler than school," he said. "It can translate into the streets. People wearing rock-and-roll T-shirts, real chopped-up hair. I'm not so certain about the whole bootleg jeans. It's something fun, something different."

Richie described the look as cool tomboy and said the aesthetic can definitely be very 2010. "It will give us that aesthetic, like cool T-shirts and accessories and lots of eyeliner ... versions of the hair, like, fun and punky," he said, adding that "cool leather jackets and T-shirts" will come back in style. "It's street fashion. They almost revolutionized that in so many ways."

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