Watch Justin Bieber Rap In Exclusive 'Baby' Live Performance Sneak Peek

Check out this preview of Bieber's March 23 performance.

While fans are anxiously awaiting [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber's[/artist] sophomore effort, My World 2.0, we have a sneak peek of an exclusive performance set to premiere on next Tuesday, the day of the album's release. In this preview, Bieber sits down for an acoustic version of his hit "Baby" and shows fans a different side of himself.

On "Baby," Bieber is usually joined by Ludacris, but for this version, the crooner takes over Luda's part and spits the rhyme himself. Though Bieber has told MTV News that he has no plans to get into the rap game — even though he chills with guys like Luda, Diddy and Drake — his MCing skills aren't half bad.

Previously, Ludacris has talked about how he found inspiration to write lyrics for the teen star's song about young love, admitting that it is a lot different than writing rhymes for his own albums. "He's talking about [how] he's mad that his girl left him and he still cares for her," he said. "As soon as I heard it, I knew it was a hit, I just had to figure out how I could get on a record with a 15-year-old. So I sat there and said, 'Let me reminisce on the past,' and that's basically how I stepped on the record. And I guarantee you, mark my word, that's going to be one of the biggest songs of the year 2010."

Bieber also explained how he ended up on a track with the rapper. "Well, [Ludacris and I] both live in Atlanta. I met him a year prior to this and we figured it was a perfect collaboration for him, so we invited him out to do it," Bieber said. "No, [he didn't give me any advice]. I mean, he's a rapper; he doesn't sing. No, [I'm not planning on rapping]. Not at all. Nope."

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