Raheem DeVaughn Wants To Master Love And Peace On His New Album

First single from The Love & War MasterPeace, 'Bulletproof,' features Ludacris.

[artist id="1693712"]Raheem DeVaughn[/artist] has never had a chart-topping single or a smash in the clubs. Despite his commercial shortcomings, DeVaughn has been a bit of a critical darling and a favorite among neo-soul fans. With the release of his third album, The Love & War MasterPeace, earlier this month, the Grammy-nominated DeVaughn said that he's just thankful for the chance to release the project.

"A lot of artists don't get the opportunity to even [do] that these days. So I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for the feedback that's coming back in the streets. It's all humbling — a humble journey to take," DeVaughn said.

While calling the album a "MasterPeace" would suggest otherwise, DeVaughn said that it's simply a play on words. "When you hear the word 'masterpiece,' you initially think, 'Oh a'ight, this better be a masterpiece,' " he explained. "Or it's a level of arrogance like, 'How could you call your own album a masterpiece?' "

He clarified that the title is about people mastering peace within their world. Whether it's dealing with inner peace, your love life or a peace of mind at work or home, DeVaughn hopes his music helps listeners gain that. "I feel like music can be therapeutic for all of us, not just music lovers, but the artists that create it."

The album's first single, "Bulletproof," features Ludacris. He said that Luda and the DTP fam have been very supportive of his movement from the beginning. The singer notes that he sent them the record and Luda recorded his verse without even asking to get paid.

"He did the record with us doing no business or none of that, like, 'Yo, I gotta get paid right now.' It was like, 'Yo, I'm really feeling this and whatever I could do to make it work [I will].' And he's done that."