Ke$ha Hopes Her 'American Idol' Performance Was 'Infectious'

She also weighs in on her 'Idol' faves: 'I'm rooting for anyone who stands for something and who can be honest and genuine.'

On Wednesday night, Ke$ha, along with her pals 3OH!3, hit the "American Idol" stage with their song "Blah Blah Blah." The performance included dancing with TV heads and Ke$ha donning a Native American headdress while bouncing around the stage.

How does Ke$ha think the performance went?

"Well, I never really know, but I think it went pretty well from what I've heard from family members and friends and stuff," she told MTV News via phone Thursday (March 18). " ... I think it came across like we were just having a good time onstage, like, just playing dress-up. And I was kind of making an ass of myself at the end, but whatever. I was having a good time. I hope it was infectious."

As for her look, which included a silver top, hot pants and the aforementioned headdress, she said she took the advice of a certain former Talking Heads frontman. "I just want to inspire people to have a good time, and I feel like if I'm being irreverent, it inspires people to have the freedom to be themselves," she said. "David Byrne said, 'Everything onstage needs to be much bigger.' Maybe I wouldn't be wearing an armored bustier just on the street, but on the stage, I wanted to look like a warrior for irreverence and dance commander."

With the performance behind her, who is Ke$ha rooting for on "Idol"? "I don't know anybody's names but the blond dude that I'm rooting for," she said of Casey James. "I also thought the chick that got voted off Lacey Brown, I thought she was pretty while singing, which I haven't figured out — how to look cool while singing — but she looked pretty while singing. I was impressed."

While Ke$ha thinks everyone deserves a chance during the competition, she just hopes that whomever wins can live up to the "Idol" name. "I think that 'idol' is a pretty intense word to describe a human being, and you should definitely be able to sing to be an idol," she said. "You have to have a particular message, whatever that may be. I would love to see and hear if they had a chance to put into their own words what each of them stand for, 'cause I'm rooting for anyone who stands for something and who can be honest and genuine."

What did you think of Ke$ha's "Idol" performance? Who are you rooting for this season? Let us know in the comments!

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