Perez Hilton Talks Plans For Super-Secret South By Southwest Party

Snoop Dogg is among the announced performers: 'I love the fact that he's excited about coming to a festival like SXSW.'

When he's not maintaining his blog empire or actively campaigning to replace Simon Cowell on "American Idol," Perez Hilton also enjoys dabbling in music, particularly down at South by Southwest.

Over the past few years, his Saturday parties at the music conference/ BBQ fest have become rather legendary. This is due not only to the mix of top-shelf talent and up-and-coming acts he books, but because the events are usually rather debauched, gleefully over-the-top good times — a little bit of irreverence in what can be a rather, well, pretentious event.

And this year, Hilton's SXSW party is looking to be his biggest yet. He's only revealed a handful of the acts on the bill — most notably Snoop Dogg — but he said he still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve and promises that it will be a most memorable evening ... even if he's already had to say "no" to more than a few people.

"The lineup for my SXSW party features some of my favorite artists, handpicked by me. I've had a lot of labels lobbying to get their acts on my bill, and I've turned down most [of them]," Hilton told MTV News on Wednesday (March 17). "I chose artists from all over the world, all different musical genres, from up-and-comers to really established acts.

"I mentioned Snoop already, but also performing is Alphabeat, a band from Denmark in what will be one of their first U.S. shows ever. They make great pop music. And Marina & the Diamonds, who will also be making one of their first U.S. appearances," Hilton continued. "Also on the bill is VV Brown; she's from the U.K. and is gaining a lot of heat in the U.S. iTunes just chose her song 'Shark in the Water' as their download of the week. And Mike Posner, who is somebody I think will be really big ... not to mention many more amazing artists."

Just who will those artists be? Well, Hilton said fans will just have to wait and see. But he's already gearing up to spend some quality time with the Doggfather, which should make for some rather, uh, interesting blog posts come Monday.

"I'm hoping this weekend will become my favorite Snoop hang-out story," Hilton said. "I'm a big fan of his music, and I love the fact that he's excited about coming to a festival like SXSW, where you wouldn't expect someone like him to perform."

Are you excited for South by Southwest? What other artists do you hope will play Perez's party? Let us know in the comments!