Jonah Hill Gets Naked In 'Get Him To The Greek'

'I had all sorts of thoughts about waxing or what I should do to prepare,' actor says of the comedy, out June 4.

On June 4, Russell Brand will once again slip into the role of salacious rocker Aldous Snow in [movie id="389225"]"Get Him to the Greek,"[/movie] a spin-off of the hit 2008 comedy [movie id="351190"]"Forgetting Sarah Marshall."[/movie] Where the earlier film focused on the exploits of a brokenhearted young man in Hawaii, "Greek" is all about Snow and one record company intern's (Jonah Hill) quest to get him to a concert in Los Angeles.

Some of the more hard-to-forget elements of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" are the casual displays of male nudity by writer and star Jason Segel. It's been expected that Nicholas Stoller, writer and director on both films, would follow along in a similar vein with "Greek." And now MTV can confirm that, yes, you will in fact see more male naughty bits from this comedic group this summer.

Hill spilled the dirty details to MTV's Josh Horowitz over the weekend at South by Southwest, where the actor was in town to promote the Duplass brothers' Sundance comedy "Cyrus," in which he stars with John C. Reilly.

"It was pretty great, actually," Hill said of baring himself in "Greek." It's always a brave thing for an actor to step in front of a camera with no clothes on, knowing that millions of eyes will one day see ... well ... everything. But the actor tried his best not to overthink it.

"I had all sorts of thoughts — I don't want to give away too much. But I had all sorts of thoughts about waxing or what I should do to prepare. And then eventually I just, I said I'm just gonna be free and be me and just sort of, you know, let that happen."

The deed is now done, of course. "Greek" is in the can and ready to make summer audiences laugh it up. Hill isn't dwelling on the role's demands. He's just excited for everyone to have fun.

"That movie, to me, is just a pure weekend night movie," he said. "You go and have a great time and it's so full of energy. It's a road movie and it's hysterical in my opinion."

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