'Predators' Stars Say Reboot Is 'Unbelievable'

'Robert Rodriguez is rebooting 'Predator' ... it is a dope movie,' star Topher Grace says.

Despite the existence of [movie id="239084"]"AVP: Alien vs. Predator,"[/movie] [movie id="301684"]"AVPR: Alien vs. Predator — Requiem,"[/movie] and much of [movie id="27557"]"Predator 2,"[/movie] fans are still holding out hope more than 20 years after Arnold Schwarzenegger first encountered a dreadlocked, bloodthirsty monster that somebody will make a worthy follow-up. These days, the star-powered cast of "Predators" is being dispatched all over the country, trying to get the word out that is has finally been done.

"[movieperson id="130926"]Robert Rodriguez[/movieperson] is rebooting 'Predator,' " [movieperson id="208079"]Topher Grace[/movieperson] told us on a red carpet recently. "It is a dope movie. Sometimes you've gotta get out here and say the movie is good when you don't know — but that movie is unbelievable."

"It's very similar to Schwarzenegger's "Predator,' but it's different," added [movieperson id="24169"]Walton Goggins[/movieperson], a beloved character actor who achieved great heights on "The Shield" and walks a similar good/bad line in the July 7 film set on an alien world. "You have to see how that unfolds, the realization that we're somewhere other than our planet. At the end of the day, it's a human tale. There are a lot of dysfunctional people coming together in 'Predators' that would never work together, but they are forced to work together in order to survive."

At South by Southwest, footage was shown from the film and its producer (Rodriguez), director ("Vacancy" filmmaker Nimrod Antal) and star were there in support.

"Young people today are aware of Hollywood's superficial depictions of strength," argued Oscar winner [movieperson id="7708"]Adrien Brody[/movieperson], saying that Antal's casting of normal-size actors rather than the likes of Schwarzenegger, Ventura and Carl Weathers should help the film in the realism department. "Physical brawn — it's not going to be what makes my character prevail against aliens who are still much stronger and are more advanced, and have a culture of hunting and killing for trophies. [My character is] about inner strength, military training and survival skills. I've always felt that I've been right for a role like this."

"We knew we had to make people scared of the predators again," Rodriguez said of the film, which also co-stars Danny Trejo, Laurence Fishburne and Alice Braga. "We needed characters that were afraid of them, and that you believed in. So, it started by coming up with a really great story, interesting characters that could be the eyes of the audience going into this new world, discovering it for the first time and allowing the audience to discover these creatures for the first time again."

Brody has also spoken about how he channeled his inner Ah-nuld for the film, but it might be Topher Grace's revelation that somebody delivers Jesse Ventura's immortal "I ain't got time to bleed!" line that gets fans most excited.

"That line is in the film," he promised. "It was so much fun to work on; this movie is so kick-ass. It's all in-camera, there are very few special effects; it's really, really cool."

"I play Waler Stans in 'Predators' — he's a famous serial killer and fancies himself the only celebrity of the eight persons on the alien planet, and is perturbed when they don't know who he is or ask for his autograph," Goggins explained of his character, promising that he'll be a Ventura-worthy breakout badass. "Stans has a lot of one-liners that hopefully people will be quoting when they leave the movie.

"I've got about 20 lines like that," Goggins said of instantly quotable catchphrases. Asked to tell us one, even out of context, he coughed one up: " 'Your ass is awesome.' I'll leave it at that."

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