Casey James Addresses His Pre-'American Idol' Mug Shot

'Everybody can do a quick Google search and pretty much catch everything there is to talk about me,' he tells MTV News.

Every season, "American Idol" casts a new batch of aspiring singers. And every season, without fail, tabloids work overtime to dig up as much dirt on the newbies as possible. Whether it's Antonella Barba's risqué photos or Bo Bice's drug arrests, gossip rags and blogs get a ton of mileage out of "Idol" contestants' youthful indiscretions.

Season nine is no exception. Finalist Casey James is the latest in a long line of "Idol" singers with a rap sheet. Last week, Star magazine published James' 2001 mug shot, taken when the then-teenager was slapped with a DWI. (James eventually served a monthlong jail sentence in 2003 after getting busted an additional two times.)

But the laid-back Texan (who impressed the judges early on with a vulnerable-rocker vibe and a shirtless audition) is taking it all in stride. When MTV News caught up with Casey at the "American Idol" top 12 red carpet last week, James insisted he had nothing to hide. "There's not a lot there. What you see is what you get there," Casey said, adding, "I think everybody can do a quick Google search and pretty much catch everything there is to talk about me as far as bad stuff goes."

Casey also implied that tabloids are wasting their time by scouring his past, while giving them a helpful (albeit tongue-in-cheek) hint: "I'll create something new in the future," he laughed. "Just you all wait for it!" (But sorry, self-described "cougar" Kara DioGuardi. Casey promises no sex tapes are in the works.)

In the meantime, James is putting all his energy into recuperating from the flu and delivering an arresting performance. On Tuesday night (March 16), he'll take to the new "Idol" stage, along with the rest of the top 12 contestants, for Rolling Stones night.

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