Jessica Simpson Works With Billy Corgan On New Song

'It's about the beauty of who we are and embracing that and knowing that we are all authentic,' she says of the theme to her new show.

Not only is [artist id="1245169"]Jessica Simpson[/artist] returning to the world of reality TV for her new docu-series, "The Price of Beauty," but she's also giving fans some new music, thanks to the show's theme song, "Who We Are." Simpson worked with [artist id="1165669"]Billy Corgan[/artist], Evan Bogart, Shari Short and Kerry Brown on the track and said it really embraces the show's theme about loving the person you are.

"I ended up writing the song with some friends and it was about all these places that I'd gone to and the experience that I had," she told MTV News about the track written specifically for the show. The tune reflects what she learned as she traveled the globe and observed that different cultures find different things beautiful. "It's about the beauty of who we are and embracing that and knowing that we are all authentic — that every single person is different," she added. "But they all have something different about themselves that they need to discover."

In the song, Simpson seems to answer critics with lines like "We're beautiful/ Our flaws and all/ They're beautiful to me/ It's who we are, who we are/ It's who we're meant to be."

Filming the show also gave Simpson the power to silence her critics and the voices in her head. "I view the world very differently," she said. "Everything's not as big of a deal as people make it out to be, and that's a really great place to be in. I know there's nothing that anybody can say about me that will take me to a very low place, because I am stronger."