Lady Gaga Thanks Little Monsters For Supporting 'Telephone'

Artist tweets her gratitude as popularity of her video and single soars.

Lady Gaga fans have been pretty excited about her sensational "Telephone" video, which premiered last week. And after using Twitter and her Web site to tease her little monsters with photos and clues about what they could expect from the nearly 10-minute clip, Gaga went back to the Web to thank fans for their support of the single and clip.

" 'Telephone' made history today, little monsters!" Gaga tweeted on Monday. "Thank you for all your support of the video, you are the future, you are the kings and queens."

Though it's not clear what exactly she meant by "history," Gaga and "Telephone" collaborator Beyoncé did reach a milestone this week: The single reached #1 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart, becoming both singers' sixth #1 single — a tie with Mariah Carey's record.

While on the overseas leg of her Monster Ball tour, Gaga has been tweeting about the video since last week. On Thursday, she tweeted a line from the epic video: "Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger." And before the video's debut, she paraphrased another line from the video's dialogue: "R they ready, Honey B?"

Ever the promoter of artistic dialogue, the pop star also posted a link to a fan-created "Telephone" poster that features an illustration of Gaga in her crime-scene-tape costume sitting provocatively with Beyoncé in her blue satin military top.

"I think the Pop Universe just imploded," Gaga tweeted. "Completely brilliant. Whoever made this: BRAVO."