Miley Cyrus Dishes On 'Really Fun' 'Sex And The City' Cameo

'It was a big moment for me,' she says of appearing in the sequel to the hit film.

Die-hard Miley Cyrus fans know that when it came time to shoot "Hannah Montana: The Movie," she eagerly stuffed the feature film with cameos by the likes of Tyra Banks, Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts. Recently, the tables were turned on the superstar singer/actor, and when we caught up with her we had to ask about her scene in the upcoming "Sex and the City" sequel.

"I've always been a huge fan of the show, I think they are so amazing," Miley said of the "Sex and the City" actresses, who stunned Hollywood in 2008 by making the difficult transfer from small screen to big while taking in nearly $60 million on its opening weekend. "It has such a great cast, and you can see the chemistry with all the girls."

Although Miley had to be a bit tight-lipped about the details of her cameo, on-set photos seem to reveal that she and outspoken sexpot Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall) show up at the red-carpet premiere of a movie wearing the same dress. "I was surprised [that they asked me]," Cyrus said of the scene. "It was a very glamorous day for me, to be on the carpet with the girls and share a really cool scene with Kim Cattrall — who I love. I think she's so great.

"It was really, really fun and it was a big moment for me," Miley said of reaching that level of fame where people start asking you to make high-profile appearances as yourself. "It's one of those perks. You do so many things that aren't as much fun and are really the hard parts — but that was just one of those things where it was the day you got to play."

Speaking of hard parts, Miley takes on what might be the toughest of her career with "The Last Song," her first non-"Hannah" starring role on the big screen, and an emotional drama to boot. The film is due in theaters March 31, roughly two months before Carrie Bradshaw and the "SATC" gang return to theaters.

"I've always really been into the show, and they added a couple different cameos with all different types of people," Miley said of a cast of cameos that reportedly also includes Penélope Cruz, Liza Minnelli and Tim Gunn. "And they asked me to do one, which was a super big honor.

"It was really easy and really fun," the 17-year-old star said of the cameo — but unfortunately, all she knows about the film is limited to her own scene. "I haven't seen any of it. All I did was my one tiny little part, where I just have to stand there. So I don't know [what the plot is].

"I'm excited, trust me," insisted the longtime "SATC" fan, saying that she's already making plans for a May 27 girls' night out with her friends. "I'll be waiting in front of the theater to go see it."

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