Jessica Simpson Is 'Stronger' After Shooting 'The Price of Beauty'

'I know there's nothing that anybody can say about me that will take me to a very low place,' Simpson tells MTV News.

She's been criticized by people for her appearance. She's had John Mayer talk about her private life to Playboy magazine. And while these things might have gotten under [artist id="330"]Jessica Simpson's[/artist] skin in the past, the singer, who premiered her new VH1 docu-series "The Price of Beauty" on Monday night, said these days, she's up for any challenge.

"I definitely faced a lot of fears in every country that we went to, but that's what it was about," she told MTV News. "It was about going out there and seeing how far I can push myself and seeing what I can discover. Like, 'Who am I?' "

She added that given her new, fresh perspective on things, she doesn't care what anyone has to say these days. "I view the world very differently," she said. "Everything's not as big of a deal as people make it out to be, and that's a really great place to be in. I know there's nothing that anybody can say about me that will take me to a very low place, because I am stronger."

It was her experiences traveling all over the globe that gave Simpson strength. "The extremes [people] go to to feel beautiful, I think our society puts way, way too much pressure on a woman to feel beautiful," she said. "But the extremes that we saw in all these different countries were amazing. It was, like, outrageous.

"We went to Uganda. We were in fattening huts [where] the fatter you are, the more beautiful you are in this certain village we were in," she continued. "And so the men want their women to look like cows, because the cows are their prize possession. So the bride-to-be has to gain 90 pounds before she gets married. It does push its limits to what's healthy, what's not healthy. I've done all kinds of stuff on this trip."

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